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Best Cabernet

  Award Winning Napa Cab Wines

What makes an award winning Napa Cab wine? The best Cabernet wines have several things in common: quality of fruit, flavor, acidity, structure, and balance. Each step must be carefully calculated. At Vampire Wines, our attention to detail separates our Cabs from the rest. We source local grapes at the peak of ripeness. Next, we ferment the grapes, extracting all of their rich flavor and leaving behind only a tinge of sugar. The fun part is adding just the right amount of tannins and oak to create the ideal texture and perfect balance of flavors that hold true from the first sip to the last drop. The deep red hue and incomparably exquisite mesh of flavors may have you feeling like Dracula, albeit without the bloodlust and intolerance to sunlight. It's the perfect night to try our award winning Napa Cab for yourself. We're confident that you'll be absolutely delighted.


While we have some of the best Cabernet wines in the state, those are only a sample of our expansive selection of wines. Explore our catalog of exquisite drinks including Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and our sweet Sangria. We deliver all orders within two weeks. You'll be pleased to know that our wines are ready to drink from the moment they arrive at your door. Some may benefit with further aging, but it's completely optional. If you choose to age our wine a bit longer, we recommend storing them horizontally in a cool climate away from sunlight. While sunlight won't cause your wine to burn to ashes, it may oxidize the acids and disrupt the flavor balance. Artificial lighting may also affect the flavor, so keep your bottle of Vampire in the darkness where it can thrive.

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