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Countless centuries of being the ultimate and passionate "master chocolatier" have enabled The Belgian Vampire to craft and perfect simply delicious smooth milk chocolate and complex, rich and pure dark chocolate. His recipes are exquisite and aphrodisiac. The resulting chocolate stimulates and induces pleasurable sensations –creating the ultimate TASTE OF IMMORTALITY!

The story behind Vampire Chocolate begins in the rain forest, where cacao (ka-KOW) trees grow. Cocoa (KO-ko) pods grow on the cacao trees, and inside the pods are seeds called cocoa beans. These cocoa beans are the magic ingredient in Vampire Chocolate. The cocoa pods used to make Vampire Chocolate are dark red and are the size of melons. They are hard and must be split open with force to reveal the cocoa beans.

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dark bar.png

The first people to crack open a cocoa pod and use the bean were the ancient Olmec people who lived from about 1200 to 200 B.C. Amongst the Olmec elders were a few vampires who had discovered that it was possible to take the beans from the cocoa pod and turn it into what we now call chocolate. Over time the secrets of the cacao tree, the cocoa pods and the cocoa beans were shared amongst immortals and brought back to Europe.

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Because chocolate is very sensitive to temperature and humidity, the Vampire® Chocolate Liquor form is stored in the Belgian Vampire's Chateau in where ideal storage conditions range from 59 to 63 °F (15 and 17 °C), with a relative humidity of less than 50%. The delicate Vampire® Chocolate is also stored away from other food in order to prevent absorption of different aromas.

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Chocolate background small.png

Shortly after being turned back in 1602 at the tender age of 24, Sébastien Van Damme, The Belgian Vampire, discovered that various chocolate delights gifted to him by his vampire relatives satiated all of his needs. This special chocolate far surpassed anything he had ever tasted before, and his cravings for this new found delight replaced all his other cravings. The Chocolate became his panacea for all that was wrong. Enthused that he had found the fountain of youth, he became determined to share his Vampire chocolates with other vampires. He proselytized his new discoveries to all other vampires. Most of them however, content with their ancient ways, didn't want to know. But the younger vampires, and those with questioning minds were intrigued.

Soon word of the nature of the cocoa beans and its powers leaked out from the immortal world to the mortal world. What was originally a pure vampire delicacy became a sampling of the Taste of Immortality to mere mortals. People questioned, where did this delicacy come from? Who created it? Those in the know directed the credit to Sébastien. Since there were few vampires living in Belgium in those days, Sébastien –who lived in Belgian then, and who continues to live there today, became known simply as The Belgium Vampire. For centuries, chocolate has been his passion, his life and fountain of youth. Now, finally, the Belgium Vampire is making his chocolates available to you.

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