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There are many copies but only one original

Our team has been making gourmet wine since 1988. Since then, many in the industry have simply copied our ideas. We realized that wine doesn’t have to be dull and boring, but instead full of adventure. Now we sell our Vampire branded wine throughout the US in wine and spirits shops, grocery stores, bars and restaurants and online on We  have a great many customers for life, and we seek your help to expand spread our wings further.

Besides our Vampire wine, we also offer Dracula wine, an authentic Spanish Sangria, Vampyre branded Vodka, and we're about to launch Vampire Absinthe and a line of Vampire Spirits ready to drink cocktails, including a Vampire Spirits Absinthe Verte, a 9% ready-to-drink cocktail, made from absinthe, ginger ale and lime.   

Future plans include opening up a tasting room/restaurant in Southern California expanding upon our partnership with the New Orleans Vampire Cafe. We invite you to be one of us, help spread the word about our award winning treasures. We encourage others to relax with our wine, close their eyes and escape into another world where vampires exist and the blood of the vine is truly immortal! As one might very well expect of any 500 year old immortal, we’re connoisseurs and only offer the best tasting wines and spirits to our guests.

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Watch Our Video As Seen On Wefunder

Our Vampire Absinthe ready to drink cocktail Is born

Our Vampire Absinthe ready to drink cocktail Is born


To become one of the best selling wine and spirit brands in the world, with a small chain of Vampire Cafes. Our goals include having our upcoming ready-to-drink cocktails sold at bars, restaurants, airlines, stadiums, hotel mini-bars, and golf courses, and enjoyed at tailgating parties and at home.


We are the exclusive licensee to the trademark rights for Vampire and related marks for food and beverages which allows us to  blend the immortal romance, intrigue and adventure of vampire mythology with gourmet products. We only sell really good award winning products, and we do not skimp on quality. All of this helps us create customers for life.  Our branding is immortal and it allows us to spread our wings into related ventures including hospitality, coffee and chocolate, besides our wines and spirits. We have a nationwide network of distributors that carries our core items which have been sold in some chain stores for almost twenty years. This allows us to place the new wine and spirits offerings into our existing nationwide distribution.  We are confident in our products and believe the best way to sell them is to simply let someone taste it. Yet, oftentimes, because of our branding many buy our products without even tasting the product. We've established credibility in the marketplace so many know that if it has our brand signature on a label, the product will be of excellent quality.

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