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Napa Cab

  Choosing a Napa Cab Wine

Napa Cab wines have a rich history dating back to traditional French winemaking techniques. After decades of learning from the masters and refining their techniques, the great winemakers of Napa Valley showed the world that Napa Cabs could rival and even surpass the taste and quality of iconic French Cabernet Sauvignon wines. At Vampire Wines, we continue the tradition with our lineup of delicious Cabernets. The acidity and punch will let you know that our wine comes from perfectly ripe, local grapes. You'll also notice hints of various other fruits. In fact, the depth of flavor will have you delighted to discern which flavors are present sip after sip. Ours isn't merely a wine, but an experience. Even a small sip will transport you to a realm of hauntingly sublime flavors and textures. You may not be a nocturnal, blood-sucking lord of the undead, but a Vampire wine will imbue you with the vitality and charisma of one.


Elegance is the premier trait of our Napa Cabs. Our wines pack an acidity achievable only through age, a quality that a vampire can appreciate. Balance is also key. We calculated the perfect ratio of tannins, oak, and fruit to deliver a truly classy tasting experience. As the flavors settle in, you may envision yourself gaining the strength, vitality, and confidence of the Count himself. Rest assured that you will not actually transform into an undead fiend. A common question we get is whether you should let our Napa Cab age before tasting. Our wines are ready to drink from the moment they arrive and will not disappoint. If you're a seasoned wine connoisseur, you may notice a slight improvement in the taste, depth, and texture of our wines if you give them a year or two. Regardless of when your partake, you'll notice the attention to detail we give to each one of our acclaimed wines.

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