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Napa Wine

  The Best California Wine Selection

Looking for a rich, unique California wine to add to your tasting profile? Vampire Wine offers a terrifyingly good selection of wines including Pinot Noir, Sangria, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and more. Our Napa wine selection is among the best in the state. We take pride in crafting fruit forward, dry wines. The first step is sourcing the freshest, ripest local grapes we can find. We then ferment the grapes, turning nearly all the sugar into alcohol, leaving just a hint of sweetness behind. The exquisite taste and deep red tint give our wines the iconic Vampire experience. If you're looking for a sweeter wine, try our red blend, especially our Fangria Sangria Espanola. Drinking our wines won't grant you fangs or eternal life, but you'll feel invigorated nonetheless. Whether you enjoy a glass on your own or partake in the bloody ritual with friends and family, you'll find that Vampire wines are worthy of your favor.


It takes great care to make a superb California wine. We partner with local grape farmers to bring you the most flavorful and impactful wines on this side of Beverly Hills. In many cases, the grapes go straight from the vine to fermentation. This ensures that the grapes retain as much of their ripe flavor as possible, which is then infused into each of our delicious Vampire wines. Our Napa wine lineup is one of our most popular. When you take a sip of our Cabernet Sauvignon, you'll immediately notice the ripeness of the grapes. As the flavor sets in, you'll be taken on a journey of many subtle tastes and textures. Our strategic use of oak accentuates all the other flavors in the wine as well as giving the oak itself a well-deserved spotlight. All of our wines are ready to drink, though some do become even finer with age. Browse our blood-curdling selection of wines and experience deathly good flavors worthy of the night.

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