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The cuvée or base wine for this sparkling wine consists of 100% pinot noir grapes, which were barrel fermented in a combination of natural French and American oak barrels. The cuvée, along with a mixture of sugar, yeast and nutrients, was bottled for the second fermentation where it benefited from contact with the lees. The wine was then riddled and disgorged using state-of-the-art equipment. A small dosage was added before the sparkling wine was corked.


Tasting Notes

This Blanc de Noir displays a fine stream of bubbles and a faint touch of color from the pinot noir grape skins. Crisp, clean aromas of golden raspberry and kiwi mingle with inviting yeasty notes. On the palate, soft notes of star fruit and honeydew melon are enveloped in a nicely balanced texture with a remarkably creamy finish.

  • Dosage 6 g/L

  • T.A. 7.7 g/L

  • pH 3.25

  • Alc.12.5%

YACHT ROCK Blanc de Noir - méthode champenoise

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