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Baby Come Back Bubbly wines are crafted using time-honored méthode champenoise techniques. The cuvée, or base wine for this sparkler consists of 100% Grenache Noir, which was pressed and soaked on the skins for an extended period of time. The wine was then aged in stainless steel. The cuvée, along with a mixture of sugar, yeast and nutrients, was bottled in spring of 2019 for the second fermentation. After one-year en tirage, thawing was riddled and disgorged using state-of-the-art equipment. A small dosage was added before the sparkling wine was corked.


Tasting Notes

This unique grenache rosé sparkling wine offers fresh aromas of cherry and strawberry along with floral notes of rose petal. The prolonged skin contact resulted in a vibrant pink color. Its smooth texture is beautifully balanced by crisp natural acidity. This playful wine is rich, savory with a creamy long finish.

  • Dosage 12 g/L

  • T.A. 10.1 g/L

  • pH 3.20

  • Alc.12.5%

YACHT ROCK Grenache Sparkling Rosé - méthode champenoise

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