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Use the Official Vampire Vineyards Waiter's Corkscrew to open any bottle of wine (works best on Vampire wine bottles.) Designed for professional use, the Official Vampire Vineyards Waiter's Corkscrew improves leverage and makes removal smoother and easier. Our Corkscrew, which was designed for waiters, conveniently slips into a pocket, apron or drawer.


This wine stopper fits any 750ml Bottle of wine. The rubber stake allows for no air to get in and ruin a great bottle of wine until you are ready to drink every last drop. Emblazoned with the Vampire icon, it will ward off pesky thieves jealous of your amazing taste in wine. 



    Vampire Vineyards Offical Corkscrew 

    Vampire Vineyards Wine Stopper 

    Shipping Included

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