5.0 out of 5 stars "We're "Turned"

By Aaron W. Milleron February 6, 2017


I married a wine snob who lived in Napa when we met. It's like Russian Roulette when I want to give her something new to try, since I am not a wine aficianado by any stretch...So I connected her current trend in drinking - Pinot Noir - with a TV series we had recently binged on - TrueBlood - and was pleasantly surprised that even I could drink a glass of this. My wife enjoyed it as well. Beautifully presented, oddly resembling transparent blood and yummy like sucking on a fresh cut on your finger...



    This artisan pinot noir was made from 100% pinot noir grapes that were carefully picked by hand, sorted by hand and then carefully placed in French oak barrels for 15 months before bottling, resulting in an elegant wine.  Cherry, clove, brown sugar, warm spice, with floral accent aromas with cherry and vanilla flavors lead to a refreshing long finish of mixed berries.


    Vintage - 2012

    Varietal - Pinot Noir

    Appellation - Carneros

    Alcohol % - 13.5


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