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Top three mistakes to avoid when buying wine online. How to find the best buy!

Wine sales have skyrocketed during the Pandemic, with many of us working from home. Overall online alcohol sales are up a whopping 243%. And wine is no different— people have been buying wine 66% more often during this Pandemic than at the same time last year.

At, we know how important it is to find good wine at a great price, and we offer some great wines at best buy prices.

Are you searching for a bold vivacious new wine? Maybe you're looking for that perfect pairing with a new gourmet recipe? Check out our blog for advice from Marc Kaufman, the San Francisco sommelier. His wise advice will help you decide which wines to select and have delivered to your doorstep that will match your next meal, home celebration or evening at home?

Here are three tips for finding incredible offers during the Pandemic. Check them out below!

Buying wine from an online store that offers hundreds of different wines, that they had nothing to do with creating is a recipe for disappointment.

With the Covid pandemic raging, many online stores are offering wines that hit a particular price point or have a nice label that simply do not pay attention to quality. Remember it’s your taste buds you want the wine to hit, not a price point. Many of the wines offered on sale by online wine clubs and wine warehouse sites are close-outs that were not popular or didn’t sell elsewhere. In fact, in many cases the seller has probably never even held a bottle in their hand, let alone tasted it. Stick to buying direct from winemakers, not middlemen or consolidators.

Bargain wine is not always a bargain, but shopping online is a good place to start.

Without knowing what the immediate future brings for restaurants, bars, and wineries, many wine companies are navigating the challenges of preserving and growing their business. While the industry is navigating the unknown, wineries that have been already offering ecommerce shopping options are ahead of the game. Those who haven’t are quickly trying to catch up.

Buying direct from a winery allows you to find the best buys online. Online stores have lower overhead than brick and mortar stores, and not selling through middlemen leads to better pricing and sometimes some incredible wine buys, such as our Trueblood Chardonnays. (Be sure to check our Marc Kaufmans’ video reviews.) Not only are you saving money by shopping online, you're also saving time and hassle. No crowded supermarkets or masks required.

Wine doesn’t have to be expensive to be good; it just needs to be well made.

There are many examples of expensive wines that are ordinary and inexpensive wines that are extraordinary, and it all begins in the vineyard. If the grapes are good, the winemaker usually only needs to sort and crush the grapes, ferment them and let nature take its course. The quality of the grapes one starts with is of tremendous importance to how the wine will develop. The grapes that go into our brands of wine come from some of the most sought after places in Napa Valley, including Mt. Veeder, St. Helena and Carneros. Of course a winemaker needs to know how to turn these great grapes into wine, but once you have great grapes, the rest is relatively easy. offers a range of wines for different tastes and budgets. While our gold medal and 90 plus point Trueblood™ and Dracula® tend to be higher-end wines, the Vampire Vineyards brand, also a gold medal winner, offers even more affordable priced bottles.

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