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Hungry for New Vampire Movies? Explore These New Films with Our Favorite Wines

Fall is the most sumptuous season of the year and it’s the perfect time to indulge with our award-winning wines and some thought-provoking cinema. If you’re ready to sink your teeth into something new, we’ve created a list of dark and daring wine and vampire film pairings to spice up your night.

The Invitation

Pour a glass of our Dracula® Pinot Noir and enjoy the atmospheric world of The Invitation (2022). Beautifully shot at a historic estate in Hungary, this stylish film is a wonderful way to revel in the sensual nature of the vampire. The subtle notes of raspberry, dark cherry, and pomegranate in our best-selling pinot noir pair perfectly with The Invitation as both the film and this wine seamlessly blend tradition and modernity.

Movie Still of Evie, Nathalie Emmanuel in The Invitation 2022
Nathalie Emmanuel as Evie in The Invitation (2022)

El Conde

In the mood for something different? If you enjoy the unusual and regularly haunt your local art house theater, set aside an evening for Pablo Larraín’s newest film, El Conde (2023) now on Netflix. This fun black comedy horror film is shot in artistic black and white and works perfectly with our fruit-forward Dracula® Brut Sparkling Rosé. This satirical approach to a notorious subject is effervescent and refreshing, just like our sparkling rosé.

Movie still from Pablo Larrain's El Conde
Jaime Vadell as Augusto Pinochet in El Conde (2022)

Interview with the Vampire

Perhaps, you’re a true creature of the night and would prefer to binge-watch an entire vampiric series instead of a 90-minute movie. AMC’s Interview with a Vampire (2022) is a sexy, complicated, and addictive watch. Stay up all night for this brilliant reimaging of Anne Rice’s iconic story with our elegant Vampire® Merlot. Savor the lingering flavor of our merlot with aromas of black cherry and black plum as you travel back in time to the swinging city of New Orleans in the 1930s and 40s. Should you ever travel to The Crescent City in real life, be sure to order a glass of your favorite Vampire Vineyards wine at The New Orleans Vampire Café.

AMC's Interview with the Vampire 2022 with Claudia, Lestat and Claudia
AMC's Interview with the Vampire (2022) Series featuring Sam Reid as Lestat de Lioncou, Jacob Anderson as Louis de Pointe du Lac, and Bailey Bass as Claudia

Vampires are notoriously nocturnal, and we all need a little boost in the morning after an evening filled with film and wine. If you find yourself feeling a little undead the following morning, start your day with our Nocturnal French Roast Coffee.

Autumn is the season for richness, and we hope you luxuriate in it with our decadent and versatile offerings.

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